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Gardening tips to deter thieves

garden shed
Police say a few simple gardening tricks can help reduce the number of home burglaries
A simple garden makeover could protect your home from burglars. Thatís the advice from Herts police.

Officers say that as people start working on their gardens following the winter break, a few low cost measures could make the difference between being protected from crime and being a victim of crime.

According to crime prevention officer, Andy Reynolds, a large number of burglars gain access from the rear garden or side of a home.

"The reason for this is that the burglar thinks it is less likely they will be seen, so the most important thing people can do is keep gates that allow access to the rear of your property locked securely at all times," he said.

Herts police say there are also a number of simple steps people can take to make their gardens less attractive to burglars.

  • When choosing border plants, choose thorny or prickly bushes as these will make it difficult for burglars to climb over them.
  • Consider fixing a trellis to the top of wooden fencing or brick boundary walls. This will make it difficult for intruders to climb over the fence or wall. You can enhance the appearance of the trellis by growing plants such as roses or other prickly flowering plants along the trellis.
  • Laying loose gravel in plant beds or as pathways can deter burglars as it makes more noise to walk on.
And there are also a number of standard security measures that will deter thieves.
  • Ensure any gates to your garden are fitted with a good quality lock and secure them when you go out.
  • Do not leave any tools or ladders in the garden. Ensure they are secured in a shed or garage as opportunist burglars may use these to help break into your home.
  • Do not place wheelie bins next to walls or gates as they may help intruders climb over them or get down the other side.
  • Fix security lights to the rear of your house to deter night time intruders.
  • Donít forget that a burglar may target garden equipment such as new lawnmowers, so make sure that your sheds and garages are also burglar proof.

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23 March 2005

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