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Council changes refuse rules

wheelie bin
WHDC discourages the use of wheelie bins (image courtesy of
Welwyn Hatfield says that from next month, household rubbish will only be collected if it is left on the boundary of properties.

The authority is also discouraging the use of wheelie bins.

The council defines the boundary of a property as the point at which it meets the road or pavement.

Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) says the rubbish should be kept inside the boundary of your property, and not on the pavements, grass verges, or the road.

In the past, WHDC has collected rubbish from anywhere on a property, all local residents had to do was to make sure the refuse collectors could gain access on the correct day.

However, from the week beginning Monday 4 April, that will change in order to bring rubbish collections in line with the rules for recycling collections.

The council also says it's not planning to introduce wheelie bins for household waste, claiming they encourage greater quantities of waste at a time when the authority is trying to increase recycling.

WHDC says neighbouring district councils that use wheeled bins collect about 1000 kilograms of waste per household per year and recycle approximately 10% of their domestic waste, whereas WHDC collects about 600 kilograms of rubbish per household per year and recycles 18% of domestic waste.

The authority says that while there are other factors involved, the main reason for this difference has been shown to be the use of wheeled bins, especially the larger 240 and 360 litre bins that have been favoured in the past.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

11 March 2005

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