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Village one-way system discussed

Brookmans Park Village Green
Two roads (marked) around Bradmore Green would become one-way if the proposals being considered go ahead.
Aerial photograph courtesy of Falcon Media.
Hertfordshire Highways is considering a request for a one-way system to be introduced on some roads around Brookmans Park’s Bradmore Green.

If it went ahead, it would mean that the east sides of each of the triangles of grass would become one-way only, with the other roads remaining two-way.

The two roads that have been suggested for being made one-way are the road in front of the library and the road running in front of Statons.

It would mean that traffic coming down Brookmans Avenue towards Bradmore Green would be able to turn right in front of the library. Vehicles coming down Brookmans Avenue would also be able to turn left in front of Hollywood.

Traffic entering Bradmore Green from Peplins Way and Bradmore Way would not be able to turn left at Regency Fruit. Traffic entering Bradmore Green from Bluebridge Road would not be able to turn right in front of the Raj.

According to a spokesperson from Hertfordshire Highways, the issue was raised at a meeting at Bradmore Green, involving representatives from Hertfordshire Highways, Welwyn Hatfield Council, North Mymms Parish Council, the police, and local residents.

Hertfordshire Highways says it is practical to make the change, but it is unlikely to be considered a priority for funding. Any proposal put forward would need to go out to public consultation first. Local shop keepers would have a major say in whether any change is made.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum. There was a discussion about this issue in the old 'Have Your Say' forum, which is now archived.

12 March 2004

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