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Garden shed security warning

garden shed
Police say there is often an increase in thefts from sheds in the spring.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Local residents are being urged to check the security of their sheds to prevent burglary and theft.

Officers say thefts from sheds tend to increase during the spring. They says opportunist thieves are on the lookout for poorly secured out buildings, which are often hidden from view and easy to raid.

Property regularly stolen includes expensive items such as golf clubs, bikes, fishing equipment, gardening equipment, and DIY tools.

Police urge residents to make sure they:

  • Have a strong garden gate and always keep it locked so as to keep people out.
  • Always lock away your gardening tools; if they are left insecure they could be stolen or used to gain entry to your house.
  • Keep ladders locked away.
  • Fit good quality locks.
  • Consider fitting an alarm to the out building or shed.
  • Do not store valuable items, such as golf clubs or fishing gear, in a garden shed unless it has additional security.
  • Make your property identifiable by marking it with your postcode followed by the house number (or the first two letters of the house name).
  • Keep garden fences in good repair and consider having trellising on the top.
  • Roses, a thorny hedge and spiky plants can act as green-leafed deterrents to stop would-be intruders climbing walls or fences.
  • Keep hedges, trees and shrubs in your front garden to a height of no more than one metre so as to prevent burglars having a screen to work behind.
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28 March 2004

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