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Yellow Pages recycling plan

Christmas Tree
Yellow Pages taken to the drop off points are to be recycled for animal bedding
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A pilot scheme for recycling old Yellow Pages books is to run throughout April, but the only public collection points will be in Welwyn and Hatfield.

Brookmans Park residents wanting to take advantage of the scheme to dispose of the 1,220 page books will have to travel to the nearest public drop off point in Hatfield to do so.

All the books that are collected will be shredded to provide animal bedding. The nearest drop off point to Brookmans Park is the Hatfield Leisure Centre on Travellers Lane.

According to Welwyn Hatfield District Council, Yellow Pages canít be recycled with normal paper recycling because of the strong colours so they have to be collected separately.

Recycling bins marked "Yellow Pages only" can be found at the following locations:

  • Hatfield
    • Bill Salmon Centre,Town Centre
    • Jim McDonald Centre, Hilltop
    • WHC Housing Needs reception, St Albans Road East
    • Hatfield Swim Centre, Town Centre
    • Hatfield Leisure Centre, Travellers Lane.
  • Welwyn Garden City
    • WH Smith, Howard Centre
    • Campus West Leisure reception
    • Campus East Council Offices reception
    • Douglas Tilbe House, Hall Grove
    • Sainsbury's, Church Road, Town Centre.
  • Welwyn
    • Welwyn Civic Centre.
A number of collection points are being arranged at certain schools, but these are for the parents of school children and not for the general public.

This feature was added following a suggestion from a member of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum. You can discuss this issue in the forum.

31 March 2003

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