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New RVC plans ready for inspection

The RVC site seen from Brookmans Park Station
The RVC site seen from Brookmans Park Station
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The proposals for the next stage of development at the Royal Veterinary College are now available for inspection.

Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) says a master planning brief and outline planning application have been submitted proposing new educational, clinical and residential facilities at the Hawkshead Lane campus.

The site is currently being developed according to plans to extend the campus, approved in July 2000.

The authority says the new plans are available for inspection at the WHDC offices, in Welwyn Garden City between 9am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4.45pm on Fridays.

The authority has extended the consultation period for the proposal beyond the normal 21 days. All written observations should be sent to the Chief Planning Officer at WHDC by 25 April 2003.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

14 March 2003

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