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The future face of Hertfordshire

Games, cars and beds have all changed hands through the Brookmans Park Adverts page
Housing, green belt and business development issues are all covered in the draft policy alterations
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Local residents have until 16 April 2003 to have a say on how Hertfordshire is developed over the next 13 years.

The county’s structure plan is set to go to an independent panel, and this is the last chance for people to comment on the proposals.

The structure plan is a powerful document which sets out how Hertfordshire should develop in the future and filters down to influence the local plans of the district and borough councils.

It covers issues such as development, planning, housing, green belt, business and industry, recreation, leisure, transport, waste and mineral extraction.

The current structure plan was approved by the council in April 1998 and runs until 2011. However the council has been examining various changes, known as alterations, to take the plan on another five years to 2016.

The first stage of consultations on the alterations took place last summer. The county says it received a significant number of responses.

These were considered by the authority and a set of draft policy alterations was drawn up. These are what are now open for public comment until 16 April 2003.

According to the county, copies of the draft policy alterations are available in all libraries and district council offices.

They include the full consultation document, technical details and other information, including a form for feedback.

The authority says the plan is based on an option saying new housing should be concentrated on brownfield sites (sites that have been previously developed) and that there should be no hasty decisions about building on greenfield sites (where there has been no significant development in the past).

As well as sending the council your comments on the draft policy alterations, you can also discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

8 March 2003

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