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Local history photographs wanted

Marshmoor Camp
This photograph of the Marshmoor Camp, taken in 1918, was posted on the site by forum member Chas
To see a bigger version of the picture and to read the forum thread on Marshmoor Camp click here

Have you any old photographs of North Mymms you would be happy to have displayed on this site for the benefit of others?

If so it might be worth seeing whether the users of this site could produce an online photographic history created of old snaps of the local area.

And they don't need to be that old either. Images from recent years might also be interesting.

People would not have to give up their prints, just have them scanned into a computer and e-mail them to to be considered for inclusion.

We don't want the actual prints because of the amount of work and organisation it would involve collecting, scanning and returning the pictures.

Each picture could carry the name of the person who donated it and any other relevant details which might be meaningful to those looking at the pictures. Alternatively people could remain anonymous.

The North Mymms Local History Society (NMLHS) demonstrated how much old photographs are valued when it produced its latest publication 'North Mymms Pictures From The Past'.

All 1,000 copies of the book, which is reproduced on this site, sold out in two weeks.

So would it be worth seeing if a new picture gallery could be created on this site made up of pictures owned by members of the local community?

If you have any images you would be willing to submit, could you please post a note to the thread created in the forum so we can see whether there is sufficient interest and material?

All images contributed would have to be scanned in by the owner and mailed to

Please include as many details as possible and make it clear whether you want your name mentioned or not.

Clearly compiling this material will take some time and it is unlikely to be finished before the end of the year, but, if it takes off, updates will be posted on the site to inform anyone who has contributed and possibly encourage others to do the same.

To view the index for the book 'North Mymms Pictures From The Past' click here.

13 March 2003

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