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Hidden cameras to film fly tippers

Fly tipping along Bradmore Lane
Fly tipping along Bradmore Lane
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Hidden cameras could soon be used to try to catch fly tippers dumping rubbish in the local countryside.

The annual public meeting of North Mymms Parish Council, held on Thursday 27 March, heard that the local green belt society is investigating setting up a surveillance system to try to capture culprits on film.

At the end of the meeting, when the public were invited to raise any issues of concern, council chair, Pat Storey, asked for the public's thoughts on fly tipping and abandoned cars.

Councillor Bob Horrocks, who is also honorary secretary of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS), said the society was looking into the possibility of setting up hidden cameras at known fly tipping blackspots such as Bradmore Lane and Hawkshead Lane. Click here to visit the NMDGBS website.

Bob Horrocks said the NMDGBS was talking to Hertfordshire County Council about the idea, but the number of cameras and the positions had not yet been finalised.

North Mymms Parish Council's annual public meeting
North Mymms Parish Council's annual public meeting
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The meeting also heard a suggestion that the parish council should leaflet local homes warning residents about ‘cowboy’ gardening companies who post leaflets door-to-door offering cheap deals to prune and clear.

It is feared that some of these concerns, who often usually only have a mobile phone number, dispose of the garden waste illegally to save on the cost of using an official recycling site.

A recommendation was made that local residents should ensure, before agreeing to the work being done, that any contractor they are considering using is going to dispose of the waste at an official site.

According to the NMDGBS, the problem had reached the point where the local countryside was being "invaded by litter" and other household and garden waste.

Other issues

The meeting also heard concerns about speeding on local roads, particularly along Welham Green’s Dixons Hill Road, now that the chicanes have been removed.

One local resident described the road as "an accident waiting to happen" and said the parish council should keep an eye on the situation and ensure that suitable alternative traffic calming is introduced.

The meeting was also told that vandalism was becoming a problem locally with parish council notice boards, fences and signs all being damaged.

A spokesman for the authority urged parents to educate their children about respecting property, particularly as the cost of vandalism is reflected in the increase in their council tax bills.

During the various committee reports the meeting heard the council was supporting the master plans submitted by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and Queenswood School.

The meeting was told that, over the past year, the authority had held 17 meetings to consider 174 planning applications, had objected to 27 and all objections had been upheld.

Relief was expressed that repair work to Folly Arch is finally underway, but there was sadness over the loss of the summer holiday playgroup which, the meeting was told, is unable to continue because of a lack of funds.

You can discuss fly tipping or any other local other issues in this site's forum.

27 March 2003

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