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Flood alleviation work underway

Some residents had to evacuate their homes in October 2000
October 2000 with Warrengate Road (left) and Mimmshall Brook (right)
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Preparation work is underway on the Mimmshall Brook flood alleviation project, with construction expected to be completed by August.

In October 2000 some residents had to evacuate their homes after the brook burst its banks and flooded Warrengate Road and some nearby houses.

Now, according to the North Mymms Green Belt Society (NMGBS), new metal floodgates will be installed on Warrengate Road, just north of the junction with Hawkshead Lane.

Metal shoring will raise the west bank of the brook from the new gates to near Bradmore Lane. By this point the roadway has risen sufficiently not to be flooded.

The work will involve the removal of some trees but, according to the NMGBS a new 'nature area' will be created to compensate.

A meeting was held at the RVC on 24 October last year which was attended by the NMGBS's Bob Horrocks. Bob wrote a report for this site about the work to be carried out.

A spokesman for the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) says the Environment Agency has served a notice on the RVC, and others, under the Water Resources Act 1991 saying that from 5 March 2003, advance tree and other works are due to get underway.

According to the RVC spokesperson, the clearance of the trees, due to be completed by the end of March, is needed to enable the main flood alleviation construction work to begin in April or May.

The work is being carried out by Alfred McAlpine Ltd under the supervision of Halcrow Consulting Engineers.

You can discuss this issue in this sites Forum.

4 March 2003

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