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Have your say on fireworks

firework display
You chance to have your say on fireworks
Photo courtesy of FreeFoto

Herts wants to hear your views on the use of fireworks and what measures should be introduced to control them.

A bill suggesting tough restrictions is to be considered by a Commons committee after receiving the backing of MPs.

The bills recommends that firework parties should not last beyond 11pm and that fireworks should only be sold in the few days leading up to bonfire night.

Hertfordshire County Council says people are increasingly disturbed by unexpected noises in the night.

The council says it has received many complaints from residents saying how upsetting the noise from exploding fireworks is for babies, the elderly and animals.

A spokesperson said the idea is not to stop people enjoying fireworks, but to push for stricter controls for their use and sale.

You can join the debate by writing to Nicola Hayden at the Fireworks Topic Group, Hertfordshire County Council, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DF or send an e-mail to

The issue has been debated in this site's forum and an e-mail has been sent to the county council drawing its attention to this.

12 March 2003

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