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Report minor crime online

Crime Alert

The police have set up an online facility for reporting non-emergency minor crime.

The service was brought to the attention of this site by a local resident who reported damage to a guest’s car over the weekend by using the service.

He suggested that the details be posted on this site and a permanent link be placed in the 'links' area of the front page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter for the benefit of other users.

The details of the service, taken from the website, are as follows ...

Non-emergency minor crime notification. Click here to go to the Website.

When to use this service

Please use this service to only tell us about the types of crime shown below.


You should use this service only if:

  • The theft is of a low value and has not caused the victim severe financial difficulties
  • Violence was not used or threatened
  • The victim is not a child
  • The victim is not a vulnerable elderly person.
Criminal damage/vandalism

You should use this service only if:

  • The damage is of a low value and has not been caused by fire.
Theft from a motor vehicle

You should use this service only if:

  • Someone has stolen something of a low value from your vehicle
  • You should not use this service if someone has stolen or attempted to steal your vehicle.
Damage to a motor vehicle

You should use this service only if:

  • The damage is of low value and has not been caused by fire
  • Do not report Road Traffic Accidents or collisions on the site.
Note: If you want to tell us about anything else, please do not use this service, instead:
  • If it is not an emergency ring Hatfield police station on 01707-638100
  • Remember - In an emergency always dial 999.

You can discuss crime issues in this site's forum.

17 March 2003

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