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Village meeting on local crime

neighbourhood watch

A public meeting has been arranged to enable locals to quiz police on crime in Brookmans Park.

The Hertfordshire Community Safety Partnership has organised the meeting for 7.30pm on Tuesday 25 March at the United Reform Church on Bluebridge Road.

Local Neighbourhood Watch organisers have been sent a note inviting them to put forward issues for discussion and leaflets have been posted throughout the area urging people to attend.

The leaflet says a community safety strategy has been produced and includes a number of priorities for action. These include:

  • Tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal damage
  • Reducing violence against people
  • Keeping youngsters safe and out of trouble
  • Misuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Reducing burglary
  • Reducing vehicle crime.

The leaflet encourages local residents to tell the local police authority office in advance of any issues for discussion.

You can write or fax items up to Thursday 20 March to:

Hertfordshire Police Authority
Freepost, ANG6281
SG13 8YS

(No stamp required)

Alternatively you can e-mail or phone 01992-555628 or fax 01992-555625.

In his latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, community police officer Vojislav Mihailovic says Brookmans Park and Little Heath have low crime rates -- just two percent of the total crime in Welwyn Hatfield.

However he says that burglaries and vehicle crimes, such as theft and damage, continue to cause concern.

PC Mihailovic also issues another appeal to parents not to let their youngsters wander round the village.

He says he has noticed that some local youngsters appear to be spending an increasing amount of time on the streets and some youngsters from outside the area have joined them.

"What I have a problem with is the apparent abdication of parental responsibility once the youngsters walk out of the door," he writes.

"I hope it doesn’t reach the stage where I have to detain these youngsters and summon parents to the police station to sort the matter out," he warns.

PC Mihailovic also talks about the issue of speeding in Brookmans Park in the latest newsletter saying that the majority of people speeding are local to the area.

He says the best traffic calming measures would be if people simply observed the speed limits for the village.

13 March 2003 - updated 14 March 2003

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