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National survey snubs Herts

A local footpath between North Mymms and South Mimms
The survey didn't like Hertfordshire's countryside
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Hertfordshire has been voted one of the worst places to live in a national magazine survey.

Country Life says that on a scale of 100, Hertfordshire comes just ahead of bottom place Staffordshire.

The magazine gave Hertfordshire no marks for sport, the arts and education and awarded only one point for landscape.

Country Life has a page setting out the criteria used to mark counties in the survey.

The outcome has been attacked by MPs and councillors for being unfair and inaccurate.

Country Life magazine says it is their take on things.

So, is Herts the second worst place to live in England? What do you think? You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

6 March 2003

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