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Free local business listing

Bryan's Home Centre
One of the shops on Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has a section where contact details for local businesses are displayed.

Once your company’s name is on the site it will be easy for local residents to find and will also show up when your business name is entered into the site’s search facility.

The service is free, but is only available to businesses operating in and around Brookmans Park with the exception of the list of local pubs which are mentioned in this site's ten local walks.

Welham Green and Potters Bar have their own sites.

If you want your business mentioned, please send an e-mail to \n">\n with the name, type of business and, if possible, an e-mail address and Web address.

This site will only update any changes to the details if you notify by e-mail.

Also, the fact that a business appears in the contacts section does not mean that this site recommends or endorses the business.

18 March 2003

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