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Improved local adverts display

Games, cars and beds have all changed hands through the Brookmans Park Adverts page
Playstation games have been particularly good sellers
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

This site’s classified ads feature has been improved, allowing for more adverts to be viewed on the front page.

Previously only the latest advert could be seen. This would be replaced whenever someone posted a new advert.

But now the latest three adverts are featured. See box on the left hand side of the site's front page.

This means that what you offer for sale now sits on the front page of the site longer.

Even when the advert drops off the front page it will still appear in the classified ads section in the list of latest adverts and in the category you posted it in.

There are currently 40 adverts on the site, including cars and the site's first house.

You can add an item for free simply by visiting the classified adverts page and filling in the form.

The facility is for local people involved in private sales and not for people outside of the area or for trade sales.

Any adverts not meeting the criteria, which are set out at the foot of the ‘add an advert’ page, and also in the site’s editorial policy page, will be removed.

6 March 2003

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