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Chancellorís admissions 2004

chancellor's school
Chancellor's School, Brookmans Park
Aerial photo courtesy of Paul Large
A public notice has been published in the Welwyn Hatfield Times (WHT) setting out Chancellorís admission arrangements for September 2004.

A local parent asked for the details to be posted on this site.

The following is the text from the public notice, which appeared on page 59 in the WHT on 26 February 2003.

The governing body of Chancellorís school has determined admission arrangements for September 2004, which make provision for the selection of 17 (out of 170) places by proven aptitude in drama, music or sport.

Siblings of existing pupils will take priority along with pupils with a brother or sister who attended the school in the past.

Further places will be allocated to the pupils of named primary schools proportioned to the available places and the number of remaining applications from each school as detailed in the arrangements, a copy of which is available from the school.

Parents of children of primary school age, and who are living within three miles of the school, may refer any objections about the selection arrangements no later than 12 March, 2003, to the office of the Schools Adjudicator, 3rd Floor, Vincent House, 2 Woodland Rise, Darlington DL3 7PJ.

Further information may be obtained from Chancellorís School, Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, Herts AL9 7BN (01707) 650702.

End of text from public notice.

You can discuss the school's admissions criteria in this site's forum.

2 March, 2003

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