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Check your train times online

You can now check to see at a glance whether your train is running on time using the new box on the front page of this site.

WAGN has given the Brookmans Park Newsletter permission to include this information, which comes direct from the company's database, on this site.

The details update every time you revisit or refresh the front page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

The box, created by this site's What's On Editor James Bentall, displays the next scheduled departures from Brookmans Park and whether the train is on time, late or cancelled.

It also has links for the destination stations. If you click on these a pop up window will open showing each stop along the route and the time the train is expected to arrive. Keep scrolling down the box and you will find links you can click on showing underground connections.

This should help you in planning your journeys and make all the right connections.

Hopefully we will soon be able to add the departures from Finsbury Park so you can check on your journey home before leaving the office or those waiting for you can check whether you are likely to be on time or late.

Please let us know whether this is a useful addition to the site by commenting in the Forum.

You can e-mail WAGN directly if you have any comments about their services.

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