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The orange ropes across Gobions Pond

People have been debating in the forum why orange ropes have been strung across Gobions Pond.

The orange ropes stretching across the east part of Gobions Pond - pond3.jpg

The orange ropes stretching across the width of the east part of Gobions Pond with the white 'scarecrow' figure on the distant island. - Fujifilm

Some suggest they have been put up to protect the fish stocks from birds

One correspondent explains that Cormorants are regarded as a threat to fish.

Others say the ropes are an eye-sore and spoil a beauty spot and say they would rather see nature take its course.

What is clear is that a considerable amount of effort and expense has gone into securing the ropes to the trees and stretching them the full width of the east end of the pond.

The west end of Gobions Pond without orange ropes - pond1.jpg

The west end of Gobions Pond without orange ropes - Fujifilm

A number of anglers have joined the debate in the forum.

One forum member has spoken to the local angling club about the issue and found out that the club has lost a lot of fish recently and that the ropes are orange so the birds can see them.

It's also been suggested in the forum that without the angling club, Gobions Pond might end up uncared for and polluted.

You can discuss this and other local issue in the new Forum.

A Fujifilm MX-2900 zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm was used for these images.   All the pictures have been heavily compressed to help reduce download time.

March 23, 2002

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