Car thefts - hide your keys

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Car thefts - hide your keys

Police are urging residents not to leave their car keys on show following a spate of car thefts in the area. Police say some thieves are carrying out quick thefts where they enter the home, steal the keys and then the cars.

This week alone three cars were stolen from one house in Brookmans Park and two from another by thieves operating in this way.

As well as all the usual advice about alarming your homes see latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter police are saying that people must take more care about where they keep their keys.

And it is not only at night. Apparently many people leave their keys close to the doors and windows and in view during the day as well.

Such thefts can happen at any time and the message is don't make it easy for the thieves.

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March 7, 2002

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