House burglaries on the increase

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House burglaries on the increase

There has been a rise in house burglaries according to the latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter. As a result, police are urging residents to alarm their homes properly.

The newsletter also reports an increase in the number of con men operating in the area. Police say they are posing as bogus water board officials, gas board officials, tree surgeons, ground clearance contractors, roof repairers and drive builders.

Police are urging people to keep an eye on elderly neighbours and relatives to ensure they are not taken in.

And the police say they sometimes feel they are acting as expensive child minders as they continue to have to deal with, what they term, nuisance youths.

Apparently the cases of this are low in Brookmans Park because ,the police say, most parents, with a few exceptions, take appropriate and positive action when alerted to the problem.

Read the full report or comment on the issues raised in the Forum.

March 5, 2002

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