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Foot-and-mouth restrictions increased

The Government has introduced new measures to try to contain the foot-and-mouth outbreak. Fines of up to £5,000 are to be imposed to ensure people do not walk on large areas of rural Britain now considered no-go.

The foot-and-mouth disease amendment order 2001 came into force at 19.00 on March 2.

The order clarifies the powers given to local authorities to prohibit the movement of people onto farmland or footpaths in identified areas, for the purpose of preventing the spread of foot and mouth disease.

Similar legislation is being made in Wales and Scotland.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF), contravention of the foot-and-mouth order is an offence under section 73 of the Animal Health Act 1981. People found guilty of such an offence are liable to a fine of up to £5000.

Experts say they expect more cases to emerge and vets are considering whether it is now necessary to cull wildlife to prevent foxes and deer spreading the disease.

The Ministry of Agriculture site has up to the minute information about the action being taken along with the latest list of reported cases and guidelines for the public and for farmers.

The Ramblers' Association has urged its members to stay out of the countryside during the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Europe has a special section with the latest news and background information on the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

The Royal Veterinary College in Hawkshead lane has appealed to walkers not to use footpaths across its land and adjoining land.

Advice is also being offered by the Countryside Alliance which is urging people to examine whether any planned visits to farm land is absolutely essential.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England warns: ‘Every effort needs to be made to eradicate foot and mouth disease and limit the impact of the outbreak on the farming community. The public should co-operate fully with necessary restrictions on access to the countryside which will help avoid spreading the disease.’

March 2, 2001

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