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Folly Arch repairs expected soon

A new crack has appeared in Folly Arch

Folly Arch showing structural cracks.
Digital camera on loan from Fujifilm

Work on repairing Folly Arch could start in the near future.

According to the North Mymms Green Belt Society, English Heritage has informed the group that it has made an offer of a grant to the owners for the cost of the work needed to restore the listed building.

The NMGB says that it understands work is expected to start; "as soon as the weather improves."

If it does it will come almost 18 months after the first signs of deterioration in the structure were reported on this site.

Despite letters from the NMGBS and visits by the local authority and representatives from English Heritage, the cracks were allowed to get worse and girders were inserted to try to prevent further cracking.

Remedial work was due to begin in September 1999 but that didn't happen and late last year, when new cracks were spotted, English Heritage was approached again to take urgent action.

The North Mymms Green Belt Society also took legal advice on how the Grade II listed building could be saved.

Bob Horrocks, honorary secretary of the society, wrote several letters English Heritage and Welwyn Hatfield Council to try to get some action.

You can read all the latest news about planning applications, objections and other green belt issues on the society's news page. This page is well worth bookmarking and returning to for regular updates.

March 10, 2001

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