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Fly tipping on the increase

The North Mymms Green Belt Society is calling on the local authority to take urgent action to limit the areas where people can illegally dispose of their rubbish.

The society has asked for a number of measures to be taken including width restriction posts at known black spots such as Bradmore Lane where piles are waste are regularly dumped and cleared by Welwyn Hatfield Council.

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They are also calling on the public to help catch fly tippers by reporting incidents and taking the car numbers of any vehicles seen dumping waste material in public places.

According to the society's website, the Landfill Tax imposed on commercial tipping could be part of the reason for the increase in the amount of builders rubble tipped at farm gates, lay-bys and public access areas.

The local authority has a duty to clear any rubbish from the public highway but because of the difficulty in finding witnesses it is unable to prosecute. However when the identity of the person who dumped the rubbish is found they are sent a letter containing a warning.

Staff at the Royal Veterinary College says college staff have been trying to deal with the problem in their area. They go through the rubbish themselves using protective gloves and sticks to try to find the identity of the culprits.

Organisers of the North Mymms Youth Club have also been trying to tackle the problem but last year said that it was so acute that essential Youth Club resources were having to be spent on dealing with the problem.

They often have to remove items such as mattresses, car engines and tyres, furniture and carpeting as well are roofing material, building waste and garden rubbish.

p> The North Mymms Greenbelt Society is compiling a list of the most common fly tipping sites and want to hear from anyone who spots any incidents. You can e-mail the society at greenbelt.

Anyone who sees anyone fly tipping is urged to call the authority on 01707-357000 or, if the fly tipping is in the Hertsmere District, you should ring 020-8207-7480.

The Community Policing Unit at Hatfield Police station 01707 638100, would also like to hear from anyone who sees people fly tipping.

There are several waste sites in the area where people can dump their rubbish free of charge, the main site being Cranborne Road in Potters Bar and another just off the A414 between Welwyn Garden City and Hertford.

March 18, 2001

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