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Marathon double for Brookmans Park

Children from Brookmans Park School have won both races in the Oakmere Millennium mini marathon. With the Stredwick brothers, Matthew and Andrew, coming top in each race.

In the years 5 and 6 event Brookmans Park took the first three places.

Several hundred children from local primary schools took part in the mini marathon with two groups completing the two and a half mile race.

Andrew Stredwick won the years 3 & 4 event with two more Brookmans Park pupils in the first ten, Charlotte Hunt and Ben Clark.

In the years 5 & 6 event Brookmans Park took the first three places with Andrew’s older brother Matthew coming first with David Boothby second and Ben Bailey third. Sammy Lewis and Sam Pocock also came in the first ten.

YEARS 3 & 4

Andrew Stredwick Brookmans Park
Jack Garnish Little Heath
Jack Messum Little Heath
George Stoker Oakmere
Christopher Judd St Giles
Matthew Cardell-Williams Little Heath
Neal Fordham Little Heath
Phil Brissenden Wroxham
Charlotte Hunt Brookmans Park
Ben Clark Brookmans Park

YEARS 5 & 6

Matthew Stredwick Brookmans Park
David Boothby Brookmans Park
Ben Bailey Brookmans Park
Mat Wright Wroxham
Alex Bolt Sunny Bank
Sammy Lewis Brookmans Park
Ben Haines Little Heath
Harrison Pepper Little Heath
Dale Sheridan St Giles
Sam Pocock Brookmans Park

April 7, 2000


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