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Cloned cards and rowdy behaviour

credit cards - image courtesy of

Have you had large amounts of money withdrawn from your bank account recently? If so, you are not alone. And are you a rowdy or nuisance neighbour? Apparently, the numbers are growing.

Local police say there have been 15 reported incidents of cloned cards in recent weeks.

The figures were released in the latest neighbourhood watch newsletter circulated by neighbourhood police officer, Jo Wakelen.

A discussion thread is continuing in this site's forum about claims that cards have been cloned at some local cash points. Now, local police have issued a warning.

"Many people have told us that their banks have contacted them regarding attempted withdrawals of large sums of cash in locations all over the world. This type of crime is investigated through the banks and not by the Neighbourhood Team.

"However, should you be paying for items with a credit card, please make every effort not to show the pin number when you are paying and if you do believe this is happening in a particular place, pay with cash or do not use the store."

PC Wakelen's summer newsletter also raises incidents of a crime that has previously not featured in any of the neighbourhood watch newsletter since this site started ten years ago -- nuisance and rowdy behaviour.

According to police there were nine incidents in the last three months. PC Wakelen has appealed to people to think of their neighbours when throwing a party in the garden.

"Recently there has been an increase in calls about rowdy or nuisance behaviour. Please consider your neighbours when having parties; let them know it's going on as a matter of courtesy."

You can discuss cloned cards and rowdy and nuisance behaviour in two threads currently running in this site's forum.

23 June 2007

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