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Local correspondents wanted

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The Brookmans Park Newsletter needs more volunteer correspondents to help the site report on local events and increase the range and variety of issues covered. Anyone can be a reporter and submit their work.

Up to now, a few regular contributors have kept this site supplied with news items. Thanks to all of them for their continuing support.

However, these volunteer scribes are not able to keep across everything and it is clear that many local events and issues are not being covered.

It would also be good to have a wider diversity of stories and features on this site in order to represent all groups and interests.

If you are willing to write a piece for the site about any local issue (and they can be as short as a couple of paragraphs), please log on to the forum and send me a message by clicking here and I will register you as a contributor to the Weblog so that you can start to publish text and images.

And remember, the Brookmans Park Weblog is not just about local issues; you can post about anything, although only items about local issues will be featured as a story on the front page of this site. Other contributions will be mentioned in the Weblog forum thread so that all are aware they have been written.

25 June 2006

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