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Open invitation to blog

keyboard to illustrate the weblog story - image courtesy of freefoto

A new interactive feature has been added to the site to enable people to get on their soapboxes and rant, get something off their chests and vent, get others to join their gang, or write a feature. Itís the Brookmans Park Weblog and anyone can post.

Click here to have a look.

Weblogs enable people to post absolutely anything they want. It might be a link you have seen that you want others to see, it might be a picture that has taken your fancy, or you might want to write a sentence, a paragraph or an essay about something that has made you stop in your tracks and think.

The Brookmans Park Community Forum, is still the place for discussions about issues local to Brookmans Park and the parish of North Mymms, however the weblog (or blog as they are also called) offers the opportunity for discussions on wider issues, such as general current affairs, charitable campaigns, politics, religion, arts, culture, sport, in fact anything that interests locals, but might not be local.

Contributions made to the weblog might, occasionally, be considered for publication as a story or feature on the front page of the Brookmans Park Newsletter. You never know, it might get picked up by the local press or a specialist magazine. Itís happened before and it could happen again.

Authors can also upload pictures to illustrate their work. The weblog has a facility for browsing to pictures on your computer and publishing them as part of your post.

If you want to be registered so that you can start posting on this weblog, please message me through the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum and I will register you with the same email address as you use on the forum.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

1 June 2006

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