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Summer fete reporters wanted

picture from Brookmans Park Village Day 2005
The Guide Dogs for the Blind stall at Brookmans Park Village Day 2005

Itís the school fete season again with the three North Mymms primary schools staging their annual family-focused events throughout June and July.

This year we are inviting local residents to report on these events by posting their accounts in the Brookmans Park Newsletter's new Weblog.

Anyone can be a reporter for the day. All you need to do is register for the Weblog and post your report.

You can even include pictures, although if you do take pictures, please avoid images of children. Also, please make sure you have obtained the permission of those you have photographed before you upload the image to the site.

The events in North Mymms are ...

There is one other event, just outside the parish, at Lochinver House on July 1, when the school holds its Classic Cars Summer Fete.

If you want to write a report for the site on any or all of these events, please log on to this siteís discussion forum and then click here to send me a message asking to be registered for the Brookmans Park Newsletter Weblog.

You can comment on any posts made as long as you are a registered blogger. All registrations are free.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum. It would be nice if organisers of the events mentioned above could add a few more details to the forum thread so people who want to attend know what to expect.

9 June 2006

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