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Parish considers 2007 calendar

Folly arch from Gobions
Do you have any pictures that could be used on a North Mymms Parish calendar?

Would you pay a fiver for a calender of North Mymms with a different, seasonal picture of the parish for every month of the year?

North Mymms Parish Council wants to sound out interest.

The parish also wants to find out whether any local residents have taken snaps that could feature.

A poll and a discussion thread have been set up to assess interest.

The following report has been submitted by North Mymms Parish Councillor, Bob Horrocks.

North Mymms Calendar

By Cllr Bob Horrocks

North Mymms Parish Council may produce a calendar for 2007 containing pictures from around the parish.

It would be A4-sized and ring-bound, with one side per month. If it were seven sheets printed on both sides the price would be about £4, or about £5 for 13 sheets single-sided.

Calendars could be sold direct from the council office, through certain shops, and/or by mail order at an extra cost for packing and postage of about £1 (UK), £2 (Europe) or £3 (rest of world).

In order to assess interest, a poll has been set up on this website, closing at midnight on Sunday 25 June.

If the results are favourable, the calendars should be on sale by November. The poll results would be useful in assessing how many to print.

There are many possible subjects for inclusion in the 13 pictures. The pictures would be printed 180mm x 190mm (approx 7" by 7 1/2") so photos need to be of a good resolution, and can be either digital or printed.

If anyone has photos they feel would be suitable for inclusion, could they please contact me, Bob Horrocks, through the forum, (click here to message me) giving details of what is on the picture.

At this stage, please do not send the photo itself - I will contact you later if it goes ahead.

Here are some ideas which are not exhaustive, and would fill calendars for several years without repetition:

  • Churches (St Mary's, Brookmas Park URC, Little Heath Christ Church, and the catholic church)
  • Historic and landmark buildings (Folly Arch, Brookmans Park Golf Club House, Lower Farm on Bell Lane, North Mymms House, the water tower at North Mymms House, Queenswood School, Brookmans Park Transmitting Station with or without satellite dishes, the War Memorial with or without wreath laying ceremony, the Octagonal Lodge to North Mymms Park, the bridge over Mimmshall Brook at the Octagonal Lodge, North Mymms Memorial Hall, the cottage opposite St Mary's church
  • Sporting activities with clubhouse in background if possible (cricket match, bowling, tennis at Queenswood, fishing at Gobions lake, football at Dellsome Lane recreation ground)
  • Historic pictures from the North Mymms Local History Society archive
  • And other, general topics such as the Bluebells in Gobions Wood, Eurostar-style train going through Brookmans Park railway station, Brookmans Avenue, Bradmore Green, the Christmas Tree on Bradmore Green, animal patients at the RVC, RVC buildings).

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

4 June 2006

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