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Site up for national award

The New Statesman Awards Ceremony
Last year's awards ceremony where this site came runner up and was commended

The Brookmans Park Newsletter is again in the running for a national new media award.

We are one of ten finalists in the 'community and information' section of the New Statesman New Media awards.

The shortlist of ten was drawn up from hundreds of nominated sites from across the UK.

In previous years this site has been commended twice and won the Overall Merit Award once.

This year's awards will be presented in London on Tuesday night, July 5. A representative of this site will be on hand just in case we win.

The ten finalists in the 'community and information' category are:

  1. 209 radio
  2. The Brookmans Park Newsletter
  4. Every Generation Media/Foundation
  5. RipRap (University of Sheffield)
  6. Rural Media Company
  7. Supportal
  8. Visible Voices
  9. We're All Neighbours
  10. Young Scot
You can discuss the awards in a thread in this site's forum.

30 June 2005

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