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Broken glass warning from police

Gobions Open Space
Police are asking young people to behave responsibly in Gobions
Police are urging parents to remind their sons and daughters to behave responsibly in and around Gobions Open Space.

It comes after a resident saw a youth take a bottle from a reycling bin and smash it against a wall.

Community police officer, Elvett Phipps, raises the issue in his latest Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter. Click here to read the newsletter.

In it he says that with the warmer weather, youths are again starting to gather in Gobions Open Space until late in the evening.

"That in itself is not a problem if, of course, there is no criminal activity. However, a resident of a house nearby brought a potential problem to my attention," he writes.

"One young lad, amongst a group of youths, was seen removing a glass bottle from a recycling box and proceeded to smash the bottle against a wall, leaving shards of glass across the pavement.

"The youth was, however, very apologetic when confronted by a resident. The issue here was the potential for a nasty injury to a toddler, someone's pet, or to anyone else for that matter," he adds.

PC Phipps calls on parents to remind their sons and daughters to respect their surroundings. "That duty should also extend to their journey home from Gobions Open Space," he writes.

There is also a plea to all residents not to leave recycling material exposed "to tempt idle minds."

You can discuss the behaviour of young people in one of the threads in this site's forum.

21 June 2005

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