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Local woman to chair district council
Report and picture by Bob Horrocks

Pat and Bill Storey with some of the past chairman
Pat and Bill Storey with past and present local civic leaders
Image courtesy Bob Horrocks
Councillor Pat Storey has been elected chairman of Welwyn Hatfield Council (WHDC) at the 30th annual meeting of the authority.

Pat, who represents the Welham Green ward, helped mark the milestone on Monday 28 June 2004 by cutting a special anniversary cake.

Many past chairmen and various civic dignitaries, including the Chairman of Hertsmere Council, were on hand to help celebrate the councilís 30 years.

Pat Storey is also a parish councillor. The chairman of North Mymms Parish Council, Bob Horrocks, attended in support of Pat.

After the meeting a reception was held for the many who attended and a 30th anniversary cake was cut by Pat surrounded by some of the past chairman and her husband Bill Storey who stood down from WHDC at last month's election.

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28 June 2004

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