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Village Day broadcast live via Webcam

Village Day 2003
One of 36 images from our photogallery of Village Day 2003
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Brookmans Park Village Day 2004 will be beamed live worldwide from the time the gates open to the moment the last stall closes.

The village primary school has agreed that a Webcam can broadcast a general shot across the school fields so that all those who live overseas, or are unable to make the event, can watch it online.

For anyone concerned about privacy, the image will not be clear enough to identify any individuals, the camera is static (it will not follow people), and the images will not be recorded or stored.

The theme this year is Football Crazy and the main event in the arena will be Human Table Football. It is like the traditional table or bar football, the only difference is it's played with humans.

The day starts at 12.30 whith a fancy dress parade (sporting theme) from the URC car park. At 12.45 the children in fancy dress will parade through the village to the school gates.

At 13.00 the school gates will be opened and the official opening of Village Day will take place in the arena. The best sporting costume will then be selected.

There will be many attractions and stalls around the school field including, bouncy castle, mini-dipper, nail painting, hair braiding, tattoos, face painting and many more.

Admission: 1 adults, 50p children.

As in other years, a Village Day photogallery will be compiled and added to this site by Saturday evening. This year people will be able to go online and buy professionally produced prints of their favourite shots from the company providing the photogallery.

If there are any other events people feel they would like the Brookmans Park Webcam to cover, let us know and we will consider the request.

18 June 2004

Note: The legal issues regarding running a village webcam have been checked with the Information Commissioner, the Home Office, and Hertfordshire Police. All have agreed that what the Brookmans Park Newsletter is offering users is within the law and can go ahead.

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