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Local man injured tackling house fire

Fire units in Bluebridge Road
Firemen used a ladder unit to reach the roof void
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Investigations are continuing into the cause of a fire at a house in Brookmans Park on Sunday afternoon. Fire crews from Potters Bar were called to the house in Bluebridge Road soon after midday.

Fire officers say the fire started in the roof void of 12 Bluebridge Road and was well alight by the time four fire engines and a ladder unit arrived.

They say the owner of the house attempted to put the fire out and sustained superficial burns to his face, arms, and legs.

Firemen using breathing apparatus tackled the blaze and a damage control unit was sent from Hitchin to ensure the fire was out and to make the roof space safe. Bluebridge Road was closed from Moffats to Oaklands for several hours.

27 June 2004

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