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'Animal magic' for Village Day 2003

Village Day Programme
Village Day 2003 Programme
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Organisers of Brookmans Park Village Day 2003 promise an afternoon of family fun and entertainment tomorrow.

Weather forecasters predict a dry sunny day with temperatures reaching a high of 21°C (70°F).

The event begins with a children’s fancy dress parade from the United Reformed Church in Bluebridge Road starting at 12.45.

Contestants, and their parents, will gather at 12.30 before making their way through the village and down Bradmore Way to the arena on the school field, where the judging will take place. Gates to the school open to the general pubic at 1pm and close around 5pm.

Organisers say this year’s theme is ‘Animal Magic’ with a range of ‘fun activities’ taking place throughout the afternoon.

There will be the usual array of side-shows, many offering chances to win prizes, and stalls set up by community groups.

Village Day is organised by the Brookmans Park primary school's PTA, which says there will be a variety of food available on the day so those attending can have their lunch at the show ground and stay all afternoon.

As usual this site will publish a page a selection of photographs which will be available for Village Day visitors to view by the time they get home.

People will be able to click on a selection of small thumbnail images to reveal larger photographs of the day and can then mail this site to receive a free full-sized memory of the event.

Local author Lilian Caras has written a history of Brookmans Park Primary School, offering an insight into how the school has grown over the past 50 years.

20 June 2003

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