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New trees for Peplins Way

a damaged tree
Any dead trees will be removed and new ones planted
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

The council is to inspect the dead or damaged trees in Peplins Way with a view to replacing them later this year or early next.

The action comes after a user of this site's forum suggested the bark of the trees could have been damaged by strimming.

She contacted Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) and was told that a reminder would be sent out to the contractors, who care for the roadside verges, not to strim too close to base of the trees.

When this site contacted the council to find out what would be done about the trees which appear to be dead, we were referred to the trees and landscape department.

They took details of the damaged trees in Peplins Way and said an inspector would visit the site in the near future and add them to the trees to be replaced at the end of the current growing season.

It seems likely that had the issue not been raised in this site's forum another growing season might have been lost and more trees damaged.

9 June 2003

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