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The damaged trees of Peplins Way

a damaged tree
Are strimmers to blame?
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Is strimming the reason why three mature trees in Peplins Way appear to have died?

A correspondent to this site's forum thinks it is, and she fears more trees around Brookmans Park could be about to suffer the same fate.

Three trees in Peplins Way still have bare branches, suggesting they might have died.

At the base of all three there is clear evidence of damage to the bark.

The person who posted to the forum is convinced the damage has been caused by contractors using strimmers as they tidy up after cutting the village's verges.

In her post to this site's forum she says she contacted the local authority and was told that the contractors who carry out the work would be sent a reminder about the danger of damaging the trees.

However the correspondent wrote that she fears many more trees, which she says are similarly damaged, could die because of strimming.

"I have observed the council contractors actually strimming right against the bark of the tree outside my house, leaving raw wounds in the flesh," she wrote.

Her forum post about the trees ends with a plea for ideas about what can be done to prevent more trees being damaged.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

8 June 2003

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