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Local studies guide for schools

North Mymms Parish Church
North Mymms Parish Church
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Welcome to all Chancellorís and Mount Grace students visiting this site for help with local studies projects.

The following might help you find the most appropriate material for your course work.

Local residents might have spotted groups of school students wandering round the village with clip boards and cameras, taking notes and pictures.

The research is part of the summer local studies projects, to be completed in the next few weeks.

Any students using this site might want to use the search engine at the foot of each page to try to find information.

You can also use the local studies section where links to all the history and environment information is stored.

The gallery might be useful if you are looking for pictures of the neighbourhood to illustrate your work, including images of the local shops taken almost ten years ago.

You are free to copy and use any information on this site. It is there for the benefit of the local community and all who have contributed material are happy for it to be used for local studies.

If you want to include an image in your work simply right-click on it, copy it and then paste it into the page you are working on.

Happy searching and good luck with your projects.

12 June 2003

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