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Online forms for contacting councils

reporting faults to WHDC online
You can now use the Web to contact the council about a variety of issues from fly-tipping to broken road signs.

The facility also allows you to publicise a local event and even invite the chairperson of the council along as a guest.

A new set of online forms has been added to the Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) site enabling those with Internet access to enter full details of any issue they want to raise and to send their message to the correct department.

A user of the Brookmans Park Newsletter e-mailed about the service, suggesting it should be publicised on this site.

"I noticed a crack at the base of a lamp post in Bluebridge Road and was taken via this (the WHDC) page to HertsCC and their site had a written description of the site of the actual lamp post pinpointed on their database for me to identify. You really ought to have an article and a permanent link on the front page to these services," he wrote.

That link now appears on left-hand side of the front page under 'Community Links' entitled 'Contact council'.

There is a wide selection of forms which can be used to contact WHDC directly and links where users are taken to the relevant departments of Hertfordshire County Council.

The forms enable local residents to:

  • Add an event for WHDC What’s On and inclusion in the quarterly magazine ‘Life’
  • Invite the chairperson of WHDC to attend an event you are organising
  • Comment on the local authority’s performance
  • Report a highways fault
  • Register a housing need
  • Report a housing problem
  • Report an abandoned trolley
  • Report any apparently abandoned vehicles
  • Report damage to bus shelters
  • Report damage to dog-waste bins
  • Report fly-tipping
  • Report graffiti
  • Comment on the state of grass verges, hedges and shrubs
  • Comment on green and garden waste issues
  • Report damage to litter bins and incidents of littering
  • Comment on street cleaning or missed bin collections
  • Report damage to grass verges
  • Arrange for bulky refuse to be collected
  • Arrange for the removal of old vehicles
  • Enter changes to circumstances for council tax purposes
  • Contact the libraries and archives
  • Book facilities at Campus West including theatre and Rollercity
  • Reach the register office for birth, marriage and death certificates.

16 June 2003

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