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New Website for Potters Bar

Potters Bar Website
A new community website for Potters Bar

A new website has been launched offering residents of Potters Bar a rich resource of local information and links.

The site, simply called ‘Potters Bar’, aims to be ‘the first stop website for all things in Potters Bar’.

It is the latest in a growing family of community sites across Hertfordshire, all attempting to offer local residents information and news.

There have been a number of sites set up over recent years to cover Potters Bar including ‘The Essential Potters Bar’, which offers useful information, local history, an excellent picture gallery and assorted links.

This new offering for Potters Bar has an impressive list of local clubs and organisations with pages for each one, including names and contact details. It has clearly been a massive task to gather and display that amount of data.

There is a detailed list of all the shops, their addresses, contact numbers, the names of the owners and what they sell.

The site has a busy What’s On section with links through to pages telling more about the events and those organising them and offers every organisation or business in the town the chance to have its own page on the site.

12 June 2003

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