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Community action plan for the environment

Gobions Woodland
Enhancing, protecting and celebrating the local environment
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A plan is being drawn up to give users of this site a say in which areas of the local environment should be enhanced and protected.

The Countryside Management Service (CMS) has invited the Brookmans Park Newsletter to work with it to increase opportunities for informal recreation in North Mymms.

The North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) would be a central part of the success of such a project and the authority is considering what role it can play in the initiative.

The plan is to develop a Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP) based on areas of the local environment, identified by the local community as worth protecting and enjoying.

It could mean improvements to way-marked paths, guided walks, and the protection of various trees, hedgerows and meadows. It could be as simple as a face-lift for the village green with some new shrubs and benches.

What is clear is that the improvements will be the result of the views expressed by local residents, online and by mail.

More details will appear on this site towards the end of September and a leaflet will be posted to every home in North Mymms telling those not online about the initiative.

An area of this site, and the forum, will be set aside so that information about the project can be stored and so that discussions can take place.

Local residents will be able to use the forum to make suggestions for areas that, according to the CMS, deserve to be ‘enhanced, protected and celebrated’.

The CMS will then gather any postal suggestions and draw up a list of the most popular areas for improvement and work with NMPC and this site on an implementation plan.

Full details of every step in the process will be reported on the Brookmans Park Newsletter and forwarded to the local press.

This is a unique opportunity for the community to have a say in what improvements should be made to the local environment.

You can discuss this issue and add your thoughts about what could be done locally in a special thread on PEAPs in this site's forum.

25 June 2003

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