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Specialist plant nursery facing closure

Simon Wener tending to his stock
Simon Wener tending to his stock
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
A local nursery, specialising in traditional English plants, is faced with closure because the new landlord has other plans for the land.

Bell Bar nursery was set up three and a half years ago by horticulturalist Simon Wener. Now he is looking for another home for his 8,000 plants.

A nursery has operated on the site for more than 70 years and Simon’s aim, when he started the business, was to offer customers English herbaceous perennials.

Since opening in 2000, Bell Bar Nursery has built up a steady business with a loyal group of regular customers.

But now Mr Wener has been served with a three month notice to quit and the gates will close for the last time in September.

“It is heartbreaking, after so much work and effort to be forced to close our doors and get rid of our stock. At the moment I have no idea where we will relocate, but if we can find two acres locally we would love to stay in the area and continue to serve our growing numbers of regular customers,” he said.

Bell Bar nursery is open to the public every Friday and Saturday from 9am to 4.30pm.

If you know of a piece of land Simon can move his stock to you can contact him by phone on 01707 650007 or e-mail him.

27 June 2003

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