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Local tribute to Gobions MBE

Michael Jonas MBE with Mike Brazier, Peter Bennett, Iain Aitken and Bernard Spatz
Michael Jonas MBE (centre) receiving his 'This Is Your Life' book. Left to right: Peter Bennett, Iain Aitken, Michael Jonas, Bernard Spatz and Mike Brazier.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm.
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More than 60 friends of Gobions Woodland Trust gathered at the Brookmans Park Hotel on Saturday night to pay a tribute to Michael Jonas MBE.

Michael was recognised in last week’s Queen’s honours list for his 'Services to Nature Conservation in Hertfordshire.'

He was the driving force behind the local community’s purchase of Gobions Wood in 1985, which has been enjoyed by the local community ever since.

Mike Brazier, one of the regular members of the Gobions Sunday working parties, prepared a special ‘This Is Your Life’ presentation, complete with the hallmark red book.

The tributes came in the form of memories and anecdotes, contained in letters, e-mails, and phone and Web messages.

You can read more about the work of Gobions Woodland Trust in this site's environment section. A booklet about the history of Gobions is reproduced in full on this site.

You can add any comments on Michael's award in this site's forum.

21 June 2003

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