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Opposition to green belt changes grows

Green belt land
The campaign to protect the local green belt is gaining support
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
More than 350 residents have added their names to a campaign opposing proposals to change the status of some local green belt land.

Two months ago, the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) distributed 1,600 newsletters in Welham Green inviting people to a public meeting to hear about the proposals.

The NMDGBS wanted to inform residents about the local areas being considered for possible development as part of the Welwyn Hatfield District plan review.

A total of 185 people attended that meeting and, of those leafleted, 20% have returned the response slip saying they back the NMDGBS campaign.

Three areas of land, currently part of the green belt, are being considered for development. They include:

  • 52 acres of land at Marshmoor (the land between the railway line and the A1000, north of Dixons Hill Road)
  • 10 acres of land known as Skimpans Farm Meadows (between the railway line and Station Road, south of Bulls Lane)
  • 2.2 acres of land at the end of Welham Manor, off Dixons Hill Road.

The NMDGBS fears that if the builders get the go-ahead up to 700 extra homes could be built locally.

The honorary secretary of the NMDGBS, Bob Horrocks, says the responses will now be handed to the Chief Planning Officer for Welwyn Hatfield District Council, Chris Conway by local resident and society president Bob Wilson.

Another newsletter is to be distributed throughout the whole of North Mymms in the next ten days and this will be followed by another public meeting on Monday 30 June at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre, Station Road, starting at 8pm.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

8 June 2003

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