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New improved search facility tested

A customised Google search facility has been added to most pages on this site offering a faster, more efficient set of results.

You can limit your search to just the Brookmans Park Newsletter, or you can select to search the whole Web, including this site.

There is a 'slide-show' option when you arrive at the search results page if you use Internet Explorer (although this doesn't show up in Netscape for some reason). The slide-show allows you to view the pages offered without having to click on the links.

We are also testing another search engine, which is located on our server and which keeps the search results focused only on the Brookmans Park Newsletter. We will decide on which one to keep later this summer.

If you have any comments on the new search facility you can air them in this site’s forum, or alternatively you can use the feedback buttons to the left or below.

7 June 2003

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