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Local fly-tipping black spots named

Fly tipping along Bradmore Lane
Fly-tipping along Bradmore Lane
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

A survey to try to identify the worst areas for illegal dumping and litter has been carried out by the local green belt society.

Topping the list are Bradmore Lane, Bulls Lane, Hawkshead Lane and Warrengate Road.

The shopping area on Dellsome Lane, Welham Green, was also highlighted in the survey.

The survey was organised by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) and promoted in its annual newsletter.

The society suggested readers should identify the worst black spots and help take part in local action to try to keep the area clean. This on top of the society's main aim of preserving the Green Belt.

According to the NMDGBS, the results of the survey have now been analysed with the objective of organising a 'clean-up' party, similar to previous campaigns arranged by the now disbanded North Mymms Residents' Association.

Hidden cameras

The findings of the survey are released as Welwyn Hatfield District Council (WHDC) says it will deploy a hidden camera in various known black spots to try to catch people dumping household and garden waste by the roadside.

A similar idea was put forward by the NMDGBS earlier this year and announced at a public meeting of North Mymms Parish Council.

WHDC will be responsible for deciding where the surveillance camera will be positioned, but the NMDGBS will offer the findings of its recent survey in the hope that local black spots will be included in the list.

"The district council is certainly aware of the North Mymms problem areas because they have to clear them up on a regular basis," said a spokesperson for the NMDGBS.

You can discuss fly-tipping or any other local other issues in this site's forum.

1 June 2003

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