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Flood work one month on

Flood alleviation work along Warrengate Road has now been underway for one month. The work is expected to take six months to complete. The following images show the progress so far. Click here to read details of the work being carried out.

The contractor's offices and plant storage site in a field to the west of Warrengate Road Warning signs guide walkers and cyclists round the work
The contractor's offices and plant storage
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Warning signs at the site
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Clearance poles to guide contractor's vehicles under power cables Wood chippings cover the river side of Warrangate Road where work is being carried out
Power cable clearance poles
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Wood chippings cover Warrangate Road
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
arrengate Road becomes a footpath and cyclepath beyond the bungalows Two tree stumps indicate the clearance work taking place along Mymmshall Brook
Warrengate Road becomes a footpath
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Clearance work along Mymmshall Brook
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

25 June 2003

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