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Local car key theft on the increase

Car Keys
Police advise against leaving car keys on view
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Police have issued an ‘urgent’ warning to all residents not to leave car keys on show. The alert follows a spate of local car thefts.

In Neighbourhood Watch recorded message 124, delivered by automated telephone call to local co-ordinators, police say the areas worst affected are Brookmans Park and Northaw.

They say there has been a significant increase in crimes where thieves take keys to steal cars parked outside homes in the area.

They say thieves have recently taken to fishing through letter boxes for keys using bamboo canes with hooks attached to the end.

Officers say people must not leave keys lying around downstairs, particularly not in view of a window or near a door.

They have issued an ‘urgent’ request for all car owners to be extra vigilant at this time.

Police ask all residents to call their local police station (01707-638100) if they see anyone acting suspiciously.

27 June 2003

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