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Village Day raises 6,500

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Organisers of Brookmans Park Village Day 2001 say the event raised in the region of six and a half thousand pounds for school funds.

And they have passed on a big 'Thank-You' to everyone who helped with the event and those who turned up to spend their money.

Bad weather failed to deter the crowds with a large turn out braving thunder showers and dark skies on Saturday June 16.

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The theme this year was a 'Day at the Circus' with the action centred round a big top arena where a talent contest, fancy dress parade and line dancing all took place.

There was also an appearance from Rhubarb the Clown and special workshops where youngsters could learn circus skills.

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Two photo galleries of the event have been put together. 

Village Day 2001 picture gallery one

Village Day 2001 picture gallery two

If you want a full-sized copy of any of the pictures e-mailed to you simply find the image number by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail image and jotting down the number of the image (eg v1 or v2). 

Then e-mail feedback and place your order.

The images, taken using a Fujifilm MX-2900 zoom digital camera courtesy of Fujifilm have been heavily compressed to help download. 

June 23, 2001

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